Families (private)


Family laundry (Individuals)

Since 1939 it isn’t necessary to do your own laundry anymore. You can bring all your laundry to  laundry service Sneeuwwit.

People often think that bringing laundry to a laundry servicepoint is very expensive, but if you calculate all expenses that come with purchasing a washmachine/dryer and the rising energy/soap costs, you will see that the price is not so high.

And next to the financial picture you can also enjoy something else very valuable:  FREE TIME!

Our store is open from Monday till Friday starting at 8:00 am and closing at 6:00 pm.

The only space you’ll need for laundry is the square metre for your laundry basket and we will take over from there.

For the seniors among us, laundry service Sneeuwwit is the perfect sollution


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